Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Frankencraften - Triple Letter Score

27 points for EXIT and 14 for INSIDE
This journal was born from a vintage SCRABBLE game, (not to be confused with vintage SCRAPPLE - yuch! )
Not easy switching to the left brain when playing Scrabble or following directions but this book really helped, ECO Books by Terry Taylor.  It features a book made from a produce tray to one using your old cassettes - what are those?
It's good to take a break from your comfort "brain" zone and stretch - if I really want to feel the burn I do a math problem! - and after visiting my left hemisphere, I always return to the right refreshed.
This journal has already been given to a VIP that told me they were going to use it to write songs.  I think that is worth much more than 41 points, don't you?
Found this score sheet inside the box...