Saturday, October 26, 2013

The Webs We Weave

Harvest Yarn Recipe

Ingredients : 
Original recipe makes a happy dyer and knitter

  • 1 toasty woodstove
  • 1 wicker basket
  • 1 cuppa tea
  • 15+ tangled, natural dyed yarns

Directions :
  1. Start by sitting on your favorite chair within toe warming distance of the wood stove.  
  2. Slowly gather first tangled mess of yarn and find loose end.  This may take some time so remember to be patient.  
  3. Sip cuppa tea
  4. Begin by wrapping yarn around fingers until a ball begins to form.  Continue to the end of tangled mess.  
  5. Place finished ball in wicker basket.  
  6. Find new yarn tangle. 
  7. Repeat  # 3 - 6
Prep Time = Summer of growing, harvesting and natural dyeing 
Untangle time = Until that cuppa tea gets cold or fire needs more wood
Ready In Time = for some holiday knitting