Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Frankencraften - Free Art

Every morning, mostly, I take the backroad.  Two weeks ago I passed the house on the bend, the one with the hand painted "Bird Song" sign.  That day another sign was nailed to the tree in front.  FREE ART.   30 some canvas oil paintings were displayed out front, for free!  Some were finished and others just beginning.  The magpie in me instinctively looked for the treasure in the lot.
This is what I brought home.
free art2

A few days later when passing by (feeling guilty for wanting more), the paintings were gone and the small sign was covered with a black cloth.  Art never ends.  It travels on via family and friends, a gallery sale, Goodwill donation or free to the person who happens to drive past that day.  I hope others stopped as well.